lovely sex.♥

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Darling Lioness,There is nothing quite like this feeling. Nothing quite like the way that his calloused palms feel on the silk of my thighs. Nothing quite like those fingers on my skin; he’s a drug running through my veins whether he bruises or breaks skin, nails or teeth.Loving him is a Sisyphean task, but by gods, nobody will ever be able to say that I didn’t love this boy with everything I am.I’m not going anywhere. Hope you’re doing well.

Sarc this is so sexy. It replicates one of my favorite photos circulating tumblr. I’m glad you aren’t going anywhere friend… stick around for a little while..
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Caprice & Baby
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I wasn’t really feeling like getting dressed after my shower this morning…

I don’t blame you, unless it’s cold out I’d rather not get dressed either.
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I’m yours.Completely yours…